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macro Pipette Controller

An ergonomic alternative to rubber pipette bulbs and other manual aspiration devices, the macro pipette controller provides precise one-finger meniscus control. It is an excellent tool for pipetting in chemistry laboratories, tissue culture laboratories, water treatment facilities, academic labs, and more.

Simple Operation
Operation is as simple as squeezing the suction bellows and adjusting a lever. One squeeze of the bellows powers aspiration and dispensing up to 50mL. Equipped with a convenient blow-out bulb to empty 'to contain' pipettes. The macro is an excellent tool for laboratories with multiple and novice users.

Compatible with Most Pipettes
The macro is compatible with 0.1 to 200mL serological, volumetric and graduated pipettes calibrated 'to deliver' and 'to contain.'

Simplifies Pipetting
The macro eliminates the awkward hand positioning associated with rubber pipette bulbs while increasing control of meniscus-level and flow rate. Relaxed grip design, low weight (4.3oz.), and low-resistance operation minimize strain from prolonged pipetting.

Reduces Cross Contamination
A 3mm hydrophobic membrane filter (included) reduces cross-contamination, protects against overaspiration, and allows pipetting to Class A tolerances. The macro withstands repeated autoclaving at 121C (250F).



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The macro pipette controller is supplied with a spare 3m filter and operating manual.


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macro Pipette Controller
Macro pipette controller, 0.1-200mL, blue
Macro pipette controller, 0.1-200mL, green
Macro pipette controller, 0.1-200mL, gray
Macro pipette controller, 0.1-200mL, magenta

Membrane filter, 3um (for macro, accu-jet & pro)
Membrane filter, 3um (for macro, accu-jet & pro), pack of 10
Silicone adapter, 44mm for macro pipette controller
Adapter housing, 49mm for NEW macro pipette controller
Suction bellow with screw ring for NEW macro pipette
Valve system (PP) for macro pipette controller